I recently began shipping a large quantity of these kits at customers requests. Upon receipt & deployment, reviews have been encouraging to say the least. I thought I would load a couple photos of the 12 Color code Dacron rope kits. I currently make up only rope kits for the 41' vertical.
        I have been getting a rather large amount of requests for pre- made rope kits for inverted Vs recently. I will need the various rope lengths you require. In process of figuring out how to email the reference guide I have always included with the masts and spools. Will also work on getting that guide on this site for your use. 

 I use a Commercial Meter to achieve accurate lengths. Snap Hooks then tied, using one of my old "Fishing knots". The knot I use, has 4-5 round wraps, tighter your rope is pulled, the tighter the knot gets. It is a bit trickier then a bowline, and an excellent knot for these antenna ropes and hooks.

PRICE : $89.99. That is 12 Guy Lines. (Antenna ropes.) w/ 12 Snap hooks knotted and color coded. Guy Ring placement guide included.
PRICE: $79.99 with the purchase of ANY  41' Mast kit, or even w/ the purchase of sections individually. You also save even more on S&H when combining to the mast shipment.

Made from the same 3/16" Top Quality Dacron DOUBLE Braid rope I have made for these kit. (SPECS can be found ,by clicking the guy rope spool link up top. I use one 500' spool per kit.
 The 12 set guy rope kit, can be included in the same shipment as your 41'mast. ( 500' Dacron Spools must be shipped separately due to sizing restrictions.) The slightly higher cost of having your ropes measured,cut,ends melted, Hooks tied, and Color coded. A bit offset by the much lower cost to ship together with your mast.
  If the payment options are not ready, and you are interested in a rope kit / mast, email at jcbayway@optonline.net.  I only make kits for the 41' Verticals currently. Unless you know all the lengths you require for your inverted Vs. Working on Getting the "Reference Guide" listed on this site.

Email sales still work fine after 7 years. A Paypal invoice is a convient way to pay by creit card, and can be sent by request if the shopping cart option is missing from a page. I am also happy to accept  Personal checks. (Have not met a dishonest Ham in 7 years now.)  Below are a couple of photos you can enlarge for better detail. Best regards, Jerry
Gerald Crockett
Bayway Deals, Inc.

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